When children learn to swim

The risk of drowning is greater for boys than girls but in general, drowning is the second-highest cause of death by children. Most accidents occur during the summer months of course, but the increase in artificial garden ponds has increased the threat for all times of the year.

There are, however measures you can take during the bathing season to reduce the risk. Children should be taught to swim between the ages of four to five. Make sure babies are always under supervision and bathe only in special infant’s pools. Small children must also be under constant watch with parents resisting the temptation to pass on supervision to older siblings. Pools and ponds should be surrounded by a sturdy fence that is unclimbable for children. Rain barrels should be have strong covers. Do not lose sight of your child even if he/she is a good swimmer. Inner tubes and similar are not swimming aids but toyes. Children should alway wear life vests during boat rides. Make sure you have emergency numbers saved in your cell phone.