Flu Vaccinations for my Child

Few vaccinations are cause for as much discussion and controversy as the flu vaccations. Conflicting arguments lead again and agin to uncertainty. Flu-like infections or colds are illnesses of the respiratory system that can be extremely unpleasant but normally run their course without major problems.

Real flu or influenza is a serious illness, in contrast. Because the pathogens change constantly, even someone who has contacted and recovered does not have life-long immunity. The most effective preventive measure is a vaccination, which contains three kinds of anti-viruse components. Healthy people are at least 80-procent protected through a flu vaccination and those belonging to high=risk groups should definitely have them. These include children and adolescents and those with chronic illnesses. Normally, half of the adult dose is recommended for childre between 6 months and 3 years, with the full dose after that. Most people have a high tolerance to this vaccination and it is the only treatment that offers protection from the flu.